Sweating and skin care?

Physical activity is very beneficial for our well-being and health. And it is proven that aerobic helps reduce the signs of aging on your skin!

But did you also know that sweating causes the opposite effect? A warm and humid environment accelerates the growth of bacteria. Sweat, dust and impurities on your face are ideal conditions for acne and the appearance of irritated, inflamed and red skin!

At KOKO, we fully support all forms of sports activities, so we prepared a couple of tips for you, on how to prevent acne and irritated skin with proper skin care before and after exercising.

Skin care before exercising

Make sure you don’t have too many layers of makeup applied.

We also advise you not to use heavy moisturizing creams, which can clog the pores and prevent water from evaporating, which is crucial for regulating body temperature.

The use of protective SPF cream against UV rays is mandatory (especially when doing outdoor activities). We recommend the use of SPF 30+. When buying SPF cream, make sure that it is sweat and water resistant, as otherwise it can wash off too quickly. Apply the cream on the face, neck, décolleté and ears.

Skin care after exercising:

Wash your face immediately after exercising. No excuses! You can always have your face cleanser and cotton cloths ready in your sports bag.

A few more tips on how to effectively wash your face after a workout

Use a gentle cleanser (you can also use a cleansing tonic). We suggest the use of a cleanser that is alcohol-free, and does not contain “sodium laurate” and “sodium laureth sulfate”, which can dry out the skin. Instead, look for a product that contains moisturizing components such as glycerin, aloe vera and lactic acid, and active ingredients with a sedative effect such as lemon balm hydrolate.

Rinse your face with warm water and finish with a couple splashes of cold (but not ice cold) which will cool the skin and close the pores and prevent the intrusion of dirt. Excessive temperature fluctuations can cause red skin.

Wipe wet skin gently and do not rub with a towel! Rubbing the towel can irritate the skin. Also, remember to regularly wash the towel you use for exercise.

At the end, for complete skin care routine, you can apply a moisturizing cream with beneficial ingredients that will soothe and moisturize the skin. Save the products with a higher concentration of active ingredients, such as serum, for the evening. Even the skin with no specific problems can be sensitive after exercising.

In summer, when temperatures are high, various issues on the skin can appear rather quickly: acne on the face and body, atopic dermatitis, and other sensitive skin problems. By using KOKO cleansing tonic and moisturizer, acne and irritated skin will quickly become a thing of the past.

KOKO cleansing tonic

BIO lemon balm hydrolate, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps prevent acne and the multiplication of various bacteria that can affect the condition of your skin. Removes impurities, while soothing, refreshing and closing the pores. And besides all that, it does not require to be rinsed.

Lactic acid and glycerin effectively moisturize the skin. They bind and at the same time retain water in the epidermis of the skin, which is reflected in the increased elasticity of the skin and the consequent reduction of wrinkles on the face.

KOKO moisturizing cream and facial care

Goat’s milk has the same pH value as the human skin and thus helps maintain a delicate balance on the surface of the skin. The amino acids, proteins and vitamin A present in the goat milk will help maintain a silky soft and nourished skin.

Aloe vera contains salicylic acid, which helps prevent and reduce acne, and at the same time, it has a calming effect on your skin.

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