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The KOKO Products are developed with complex formulas that contain a large number of active ingredients in order to achieve the promised results.Intended for people who do not compromise when it comes to skincare, the KOKO products ensure visible effects.

For the ones who want more.

The KOKO skincare products are made out of high quality organic and natural ingredients. They contain the best quality goat’s milk, BIO Hemp oil, vegetable oils and hydrolates of organic origin, vitamins and other active components that are entirely of natural origin. Some of the ingredients, such as emulsifiers, despite their natural origin, are made in a laboratory. Their purpose is to ensure consistent product quality. The KOKO products also contain preservatives suitable for natural cosmetics, because we want to ensure that the products stay free from any harmful microorganisms! They contain natural scents in small concentrations, because we believe that it is almost impossible to make unique products without sophisticated scent.We strive to improve our product formulas until we are completely satisfied with the results.

Because we want more!

Natural cosmetic products include fewer synthetic raw materials or ingredients that cannot be found in natural materials. The composition of these products is controlled by independent regulatory bodies that have set mandatory criteria which the products must meet in order to obtain a natural certificate and be marketed as “natural cosmetics wirth BIO ingredients”. This certificate was awarded to KOKO cosmeticsby the KON-CERT independent institute.
With this certificate, we guarantee that our products do not contain synthetic dyes and fragrances, silicones and their derivatives, paraffin and other petroleum products and genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). The production process is environmentally friendly, the packaging contains environmentally friendly materials and the products have not been tested on animals.
KOKO facial care and cleansing products contain 100% natural ingredients and up to 22% of raw materials with certified biological origin.

    Kon-cert Institute Certificate

The effectiveness of goat milk skin care products has not changed over the centuries, but we now know a little more about why and how it works. Goat’s milk contains a number of active ingredients that nourish, soften and moisturize the skin. The most important ingredient in goat’s milk is lactic acid. It binds and at the same time retains water in the epidermis, which is reflected in the increased elasticity of the skin and the consequent reduction of wrinkles on the face. It stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis and thus improves the distribution of melanin or even skin pigmentation. Goat’s milk also contains Vitamin A, which accelerates collagen synthesis and thus alleviates the effects of skin aging. The presence of selenium helps your skin repair damage from excessive sun exposure, while naturally occurring proteins and fats help keep your skin smooth and supple.

We paid a lot of attention to choosing the right packaging and chose airless containers. Airless technology prevents direct contact of the product with the user’s hands and thus prevents microbiological contamination of the product. At the same time, the product is not exposed to oxygen from the environment. This way, your products will remain intact throughout their shelf life. However, it should be noted that they are suitable for recycling, as they do not contain any components that would prevent them from entering the recycling stream.

Delivery is performed by Slovenian Post Office, which usually delivers packages the next working day after dispatch. We strive to ensure that the goods you order leave our warehouse the same day. When the number of orders is increased, we can guarantee the shipment of goods within a maximum of three to five working days from receipt of the order (except in cases where the description of the product indicates different delivery times).